Navigating the Green Maze: Challenges in Choosing Environmentally Friendly Products

In an era where environmental consciousness is at its peak, consumers face a myriad of challenges, frustrations, and confusions when trying to make eco-friendly choices. From deciphering misleading labels to discerning greenwashing tactics, the journey towards sustainability can often be a perplexing maze. At PRI Plus, we understand these challenges and strive to provide a straightforward solution through our commitment to nonhazardous, green products.

The Green Challenge:

Misleading Labels:
One common frustration consumers face is deciphering vague and misleading product labels. Terms like “eco-friendly,” “natural,” and “green” are often used without clear definitions, leaving consumers confused about a product’s actual environmental impact.
Companies may claim their products are environmentally friendly, but in reality, they may only make superficial changes or use deceptive marketing strategies. This greenwashing makes it challenging for consumers to identify genuinely sustainable options.
Complex Certifications:
Understanding various eco-labels and certifications can be overwhelming. Different organizations have different criteria, and consumers may find it difficult to determine which certifications genuinely align with their values.
Simplifying the Green Choice:

At PRI Plus, we recognize the frustrations associated with choosing green products and have made purposeful decisions in providing a clear, nonhazardous alternative. Since our start in 1995, we’ve embraced a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, exemplified by our choice to use water-based hot melt rubber adhesives in manufacturing our label stock.
Water-Based Adhesives vs. Solvent-Based Adhesives:
Many companies opt for solvent-based adhesives due to their convenience, but these often come with environmental hazards. Our decision to use water-based hot melt rubber adhesives was a proactive choice to create a safer working environment. By eliminating solvents from our manufacturing process, we not only reduced our environmental footprint but also prioritized the health and safety of our workers.
Ahead of the Curve:
Going green wasn’t just a trend for us; it was a responsible decision made well before it became fashionable. Our foresight in adopting environmentally friendly practices demonstrates our dedication to sustainability, setting us apart from companies that only jumped on the green bandwagon when it became popular.
Nonhazardous from the Start:
Unlike products that claim to be green but undergo extensive processing to meet environmental standards, our label stock is nonhazardous from the start. This ensures that our commitment to sustainability is not a compromise but a fundamental aspect of our product design.
Commitment to Waste Reduction:

In our pursuit of sustainability, PRI Plus is deeply committed to reducing waste associated with labeling. We acknowledge the unfortunate side effect of waste generation in the labeling industry and actively seek innovative ways to minimize our environmental impact. Our ongoing efforts include:
Recycling Initiatives:
PRI Plus actively engages in recycling initiatives to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. From product packaging to manufacturing byproducts, we continuously explore opportunities to repurpose materials and contribute to a circular economy.
Efficiency in Production:
We constantly evaluate our manufacturing processes to identify areas where waste can be minimized. Through technological advancements and process optimization, we strive to enhance efficiency and decrease the overall environmental footprint of our operations.
Open Call for Ideas:
We understand that more can be done. We also struggle navigating the Green Maze. If you, as our valued reader, have innovative ideas or suggestions to help us further reduce waste- or want more detail in our practices that might help you- please get in contact with us; we love sharing ideas.