tire Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

Bounce it, drop it, roll it, throw it, drive on it- Our constructions with tire stick! What do they stick to? Tires! Sure, it’ll stick to a wide range of other applications, too. Michael Jordan was also a really good baseball player.

• Reliable delivery:

tires get your car to its destination, tire adhesive labels get tires to their destination.


• Where the rubber meets more rubber:

tire has excellent initial tack and flow to maintain adherence on rough surfaces


Common Applications


One size doesn’t fit all.
We offer specialized adhesives to tackle different substrates and conditions.
While we initially recommend tire for the above applications,
a different- sometimes seemingly unrelated- adhesive might work best under your conditions.
We love providing free samples for testing to ensure flawless application.

Stress Test:
tire vs Rough Shipping Conditions


ID Face Stock Adhesive Liner Product Data Sheet
C100343# Coated TT w/Barriertire50#Download
30"x5/mC114550# Coated TTtire+40#Download
30"x5/mC118850# Coated TTtire40#Download
30"x2.5/mC10797pt Coated TTtire40#Download
C100160# Semiglosstire50#Download
30"x2.5/mC117560# Saturated Lithotire40#Download
30"x2.5/mC117460# Saturated Litho w/Barriertire40#Download
30"x5/mC1147Direct Thermal TCtire40#Download
C10862.6mil Gloss Wht PP TCtire50#Download
30"x5/mC11192.6mil Gloss Wht PP TCtire PC50#Download
30"x5/mC11713.2mil Matte Wht PP TTtire50#Download
13"x5/mC4SD8Direct Thermal 4"x5"tire+ Dry Edge40#Download