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products overview

Our constructions are AGGRESSIVE.
PRI Plus doesn’t mess around with feeble label stock. Our products are built to conquer any labeling challenge.
We don’t make label stock that “forms a bond”; we make label stock that BITES ahold and refuses to let go—long after the surface cries “Uncle!”
We make label constructions that stick to ANYTHING!


What makes a PRI Plus Product Different from the Rest:

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These aggressive adhesives aren’t for the faint of heart. PRI Plus has an arsenal of hot-melt rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive formulas each specially trained to master the most challenging of surfaces and conditions. No bonding breakdowns, no peeling surrenders-
just pure, unapologetic stick-it-to-ANYthing power.

Dive deep into all the details for each adhesive on their dedicated page,
or go head-to-head and compare them all at the bottom of the page.


PRI Plus starts off by selecting only the highest quality components available. Then the magic continues with our coating artistry. With our coaters handling jobs up to 30″ full gum, your stock will have uncanny uniformity on any size roll. Forget standard coat weights- ours are HEAVY!, offering superior sticking performance that really sets us apart. We don’t ignore the precision, either- we deliver accurate, even coat weights better than anyone. Our unrivaled 2-3% coat weight accuracy far surpasses the industry standard tolerance of 10%. And as we meticulously control temperature, pressure, and other variables across the web, we get an amazingly consistent thickness gauge band with no high and low edges, resulting in flawlessly finished rolls right off our coaters.

This isn’t just coating, this is a declaration of label stock mastery.

What sets us apart? Unlike traditional pulling methods, our advanced close-loop tension system actively drives the material ensuring minimal material stretch, superior edge quality, and unmatched precision. Our equipment handles any slitting job from 3 to 80 inches. For anything smaller, our dedicated customer support team is ready to explore solutions.
Rush orders? Bring it on!
Our strategic capacity management ensures we’re ready to meet your tight deadlines. Continuous reinvestment and an intentionally under-capacity approach allow us to handle rush orders seamlessly- without extra charges.


Forget high minimums, excess waste, and costly storage! PRI Plus has the low MOQs that won’t hold you back. With few exceptions, our Coating Required Stock and Custom Coated Products start at just 30 inches. Our PRIme Cut rolls offer even more value. Available in 3 to 30 inches and your choice of 2500 or 5000 foot rolls, coated and ready to roll (pun intended!), PRIme Cut is “Your Width – Your Rules” -you get exactly what you need and when you need it.
Have large runs? We have dedicated equipment to excel in volume as well.

No order too small; no project too big; PRI Plus: your reliable partner for label constructions that stick to ANYthing.
Call our customer support team and ask about volume discounts or click here to see all the 50+ products available with PRIme Cut.


Dominate digital printing with ooze-free converting. This innovative line minimizes material waste, downtime, and press cleaning. Choose the 2-sided dry edge for reduced ooze or the 4-sided option for completely ooze-free converting. Either way, you’ll have smoother feeding and handling, making digital printing a breeze. Experience faster turnaround, lower costs, reduced press wear, and happier operators. 
Discover our Ready 2 Ship 4″x6″ labels or
explore custom solutions with our Custom Pattern Coating service.


Unleash your brand’s ferocity with our diverse selection of over 60 face stock options! Paper, film, metalized, digital material, tamper evident, and more await you. We blend the aggressive with the elegance to compliment our strong adhesive bite with the perfect look you want. With eco-friendly natural, bright white, bold color, seamless rainbow, opaque, and transparent variations, you’ll no longer have to choose between label stock that sticks or label stock that looks good- at PRI Plus, you get both.

Explore our world of face stock and let your brand roar!

Don’t let tampering mess with your peace of mind. PRI Plus tackles security with a range of tamper-evident options. Leave your mark by choosing metallized face stock that reveals a clear “VOID” message upon removal – or – Expose the breach by opting for labels that delaminate when tampered with. SnappLock ensures they are guarded with ultra-strong adhesion, and both options provide undeniable evidence of security breaches.
Ready to secure your label stock?
Download the product data sheets from our snappLock page & secure your labels now!


Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all. Craft the perfect label stock, layer by layer, with 1500+ unique combinations. Choose from a vast library of face stock, find the perfect adhesive, and get the right liner for seamless die-cutting. For ooze-free converting, add a custom pattern coating with any size, width, and frequency.
The only question now is: what will you create?
View our 4 Step Mix & Match Custom Coating guide

products overview
products overview

Head-to-Head Adhesive Spec Comparison

Min Application
180° PeelRT Loop TackSaftVist Page
Cylindrical Applications40°F-40° – 190°F7.211.3160°FsnappLock
Wood10°F-60° – 145°F56160°FtimberTack
Tires10°F-60° – 145°F56160°Ftire
Cold Temps-10°F-40° – 140°F5.95.6150°FfrzBite
X-treme Conditions45°F-40° – 220°F8.210.5195°Fhp1
Basic Packaging30°F-40° – 145°F5.56140°FcrocLock
enhanced packaging-20° – 180°F6.26.8180ºFcrocLock
General Purpose10°F-40° – 140°F4.99.2150°Fap1