timberTack Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

TimberTack’s secret weapon is its surprisingly soft formula. This clever extra aggressive adhesive seeps into every pore and crevice, forming an unbreakable bond with even the roughest, most textured materials.

• Maximum Contact:

Unlike stiff adhesives that bridge over uneven surfaces, timberTack’s soft formula allows it to fill the gaps to create a larger bonding surface for ultimate strength.

• Nature Lover’s Rejoice:

TimberTack’s solvent-free formula is an eco-friendly choice for a wide range of horticultural applications.


Common Applications


One size doesn’t fit all.
We offer specialized adhesives to tackle different substrates and conditions.
While we initially recommend timberTack for the above applications,
a different- sometimes seemingly unrelated- adhesive might work best under your conditions.
We love providing free samples for testing to ensure flawless application.

ID Face Stock Adhesive Liner Product Data Sheet
30"x5/mC115350# TTtimberTack +40#Download
30"x5/mC108354# SemiglosstimberTack40#Download
30"x5/mC110760# SemiglosstimberTack40#Download
30"x5/mC110460# SemiglosstimberTack+50#Download
30"x5/mC1098Direct Thermal TCtimberTack+40#Download
C10953.2mil Matte PEtimberTack40#Download
C10973.2mil Matte PEtimberTack+40#Download
C11173.2mil Matte PEtimberTack C40#Download
30"x2.5/mC1117+3.2mil Matte PEtimberTack C+40#Download
30"x5/mC11773.2mil Matte PEtimberTack+4.6milDownload
30"x5/m1177P3.2mil Matte Wht PP TT C2StimberTack+4.6milDownload
30"x5/mC11663.8mil Matte PEtimberTack40#ERDownload
30"x5/mC116910mil Matte Wht C2S PEtimberTack+40#Download
29"x5/mC11407.5mil Durable PEtimberTack HCW4.6milDownload
30"x5/mC10893mil Matte Wht PP TTtimberTack40#Download
30"x5/mC107754# Semigloss TEtimberTack40#Download
13"x2.5/m (2)C1117 13" Dry Edge3.2mil Matte Wht PEtimberTack C Dry Edge40#Download