hp1 Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

Hp1 aggressive adhesive is specifically designed to provide superior performance on vinyl materials. With its high peel and shear properties, HP1 is perfect for applications where durability is a must.

• Weather the Storm with hp1:

High humidity, torrential rains, hurricane-force winds – hp1’s monstrous bite laughs in the face of x-treme conditions.


• Industrial Immunity:

Petroleum oils, organic solvents, and grease? No problem for hp1. Its tenacious bite holds strong through relentless exposure.


Common Applications


One size doesn’t fit all.
We offer specialized adhesives to tackle different substrates and conditions.
While we initially recommend hp1 for the above applications,
a different- sometimes seemingly unrelated- adhesive might work best under your conditions.
We love providing free samples for testing to ensure flawless application.

ID Face Stock Adhesive Liner Product Data Sheet
30"x5/mC118460# Saturated Lithohp150#Download
30"x5/mC11873.8mil Matte Wht PEhp150#Download
30"x5/mC11642mil Matte Wht PET LSR PB | 1.5PEThp1 | hp1+50#Download
C10253.4mil Wht Vinyl PThp150#Download
C10943.4mil Wht Vinyl PThp1+50#Download
30"x2.5/mC11433.4mil Wht Vinyl PThp1 3mil50#Download
30"x15/mC118310mil Wht Vinylhp150#Download