Happy Birthday to PRI Plus!

One year ago today, we officially changed our branding to PRI Plus! 1 year old, baby!
After 27ish years as Paper Resources, we rebranded as PRI Plus. Let’s scrapbook through a lot of my favorite new things. “I’m doing stuff, Lori. Things!”

The Website
Go ahead, browse this beaut. I’ll wait . . .
Of Course the New Company Logo
we’ve played around with it quite a bit so far, and we’ll probably do a lot more of it. That classic one though 🔥🔥🔥

New Adhesive Logos
these beasts are fun to play around with, but I’ve got to watch out for that BITE

Some More Logos and Slogans

Our Trade Show Booth
So many plans for the upcoming shows. Muahahahaha

Of Course We’re Gonna Need a Sales Folder and a Product Sample Guide

Ads. Ads Everywhere. So Many Ads.

Brand Strategy Guide
I Probably Should Have a Set of Guidelines to Follow, Even if They Are Self Imposed