At Our Core

Mission Statement

“To provide premium-quality label stock, especially for hard to label surfaces, and create happy, satisfied customers”


Quality Policy

“We expect quality to be the forefront of our products. We manufacture premium constructions. ‘Premium’ serves as a promise to our customers and an obligation we must live up to. Each of us has a responsibility to build quality into every element of our product- from the material we use, to each roll we produce, and every skid we ship. That means being knowledgeable and passionate about providing a high-quality brand for all our customers. It also means creating a product we are proud to identify as ours.”


Code of Ethics

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The following are our values. These values help to determine all the above, what we do, how we do it, and who we allow onto our team to help us.
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Open Company, No Bull
Don't #@!% the Customer
Many Small Impacts Build Moons
Build with Care and Quality