aggressive adhesive for enhanced packaging


min application



temperature range

180° peel


RT loop tack


0°F -20° – 180°F 6.2 6.8 180°F

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crocLock-e Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Rubber Adhesive

CrocLock-e is an enhanced formula of our famous crocLock adhesive. We’ve sacrificed just a touch of the strong initial tack of crocLock to provide a higher shear adhesive failure temperature, meaning that crocLock-e holds more reliably at a higher temperature service range.

• Enhanced packaging applications:

Bites ahold in more heat and in harsher conditions for more demanding packaging applications.


• Enhanced on-press convertibility:

Minimizes ooze for smoother, faster converting, reducing downtime and waste.

Common Applications


One size doesn’t fit all.
We offer specialized adhesives to tackle different substrates and conditions.
While we initially recommend crocLock-e for the above applications,
a different- sometimes seemingly unrelated- adhesive might work best under your conditions.
We love providing free samples for testing to ensure flawless application.

ID Face Stock Adhesive Liner Product Data Sheet
30"x5/mC1111E43# Coated TTcrocLock-e HCW#40Download
30"x5/mC118654# SemiglosscrocLock-e40#Download
C1015E60# SemiglosscrocLock-e HCW40#Download
30"x5/mC11482mil Brt Silver PP TCcrocLock-e HCW40#Download
30"x5/mC12052mil Clear PP TCcrocLock-e HCW40#Download
30"x5/mC10413mil Matte Wht PP TTcrocLock-e40#Download
25.5"x2.5/mC12148mil Wht Synthetic TTcrocLock-e HCW50#Download